My Trip to the East Coast

In 2002, during Easter break, my mom and I went to visit my sister, who lives in Connecticut. These are just some pics from our times we spent together having fun, goofing around, and making memories!

Here is a pic of me and my lovely sister, standing at the subway station, I think.
Here I am sitting next to Damian, my sister's husband. We're just having a good ol' time at Friendly's!

Here we are holding my sister's ferrets. Aren't they cute! :)

Here I am using my musical talent to tune my sister's guitar! (Yeah, it takes a lot of talent! :p)
Here is the sign that is ever-so-welcoming, as you are driving in to Connecticut. I sure felt welcome! :)
This was a cool building that I saw as we were driving around Hartford. I think it's the Capitol Building, but I'm not sure.

And these towers that we drove under... they were just too awesome! I had to get a pic of them! :)

We drove by the Basketball Hall of Fame... I couldn't really get a good picture of it, but here it is anyway.

On my trip, I was lucky enough to be taken to New York! We went to Times Square... and let me tell you, that is one busy place!

Another pic of the towering buildings on Times Square. (I felt shorter than ever!):p

We went by the MTV building, where they film TRL and stuff. I even stood on the corner where all the fans stand during TRL shows... I didn't get any special feelings. I was pretty disappointed with how boring seeing MTV's building really was.

While shopping in the souvenir shops, I just had to try on the Statue of Liberty crown! I think it looks good on me, don't you? :p

We went to Empire State Building briefly, and we were going to try to go to the top, but the line was literally a mile long, so we decided we'd rather spend our day doing other things. I was pretty disappointed, though. Also, that guy's head got in the way of my picture! :p

Here is a shot of the Empire State Building that I took from across the street. Remember what I said earlier about feeling short? :p

While in New York, we also spent some time in Chinatown. I thought this Chinese McDonald's billboard was pretty cool.

Another thing I was lucky enough to get to do was go to the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art! It is such an awesome museum... I highly recommend going there if you have the chance. This was a cool sculpture that I liked.

Another cool sculpture. :)

This was one of the walls in the museum... I liked all the colors and thought it was pretty cool. Maybe I should paint my bedroom walls like this... :p

This was one of my favorite paintings there, titled "First Pull." I don't remember who painted it, but I just liked it for some reason. It's got nice colors. :)

Here's another cool sculpture of an angel holding some sort of crab or something. I liked it. :)

Here I am, goofing off in one of the malls we went shopping at... I do still fit in the ride, though. :p

Another thing we did was ice skating! This is a pic of me and Damian sitting on the wall, probably watching all the pro skaters show us up! :p

Here I am, trying to look like a pro skater, but being rather unsuccessful. But, I was having fun!! :)

And here's a dorky one of me, swinging my left arm, trying to look cool or something... I don't know what I was doing! :p

Well, that's about all the pics I have to share from that trip! It was loads of fun, and hopefully we'll get to go back there again soon!



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